The following Awards will be presented at a gala event in October each year. Entries will be categorised by the judging panel. (Download Brochure here)

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Small Area/Village Award

Best Small Village / rural Area with population of less than 1000

Best Amenity Project, Cork City

Open to community based initiatives which deliver to the local area. Applicants might include allotments, community gardens, tidy towns, mens sheds or age friendly projects.”

Best project in an Urban area

Best project from a Large urban Area Population over 1000 people in North Cork, South Cork. West Cork and Cork City.

Bio Diversity Award

If it’s alive it’s part of biodiversity. Projects that embrace preserve and protect wildlife, embrace the concepts of re-thinking, repairing, refurbishing, along with re-using and recycling items in their project. Growing wildflowers is probably one of the most beautiful biodiversity projects you can undertake Birds are a very welcome visitors all year round. So are our main Pollinators the Bees. Be part of the All Ireland Pollinator plan

Social Inclusion Award

Who are the Socially Excluded? They include: Asylum seekers and refugees, Early school leavers, Older people living alone, Homeless persons, People with a disability, Single parents, Travellers, Unemployed persons, especially the long term unemployed , Marginalised men, Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender, Entries should allow better participation in society by any of the above or be submitted by groups who are socially Excluded.

Climate Action Award

Communities are playing an ever-greater role in climate action at the local level, particularly through good heritage practice and important biodiversity measures. This Award recognises eco-friendly processes that give back to nature and make our collective future more sustainable.

Best Maintained Existing Project

In order to support the work of groups in maintaining existing projects we have introduced this award in recent years. Are you maintaining an existing project not entered in the last two years to a very high standard ?

Healthy Community/Area award

A project that promotes healthy living. For example walkways, trails, walking routes, outdoor exercise equipment, playgrounds, etc

Innovation and Creativity

Most innovative project incorporating new and unique features and inspiring others

Best Project by a Youth Group

This award will be presented to a Youth Club or Youth Project who undertake a project that is of benefit to their community.

Anti-Litter Award

A project that prevents or reduces litter in the community, Eg anti Dog fouling measures, recycling measures and waste reduction measure

Heritage Project

This category is for a project that has restored a historical site, or developed a site of historical /cultural significance

Tourism Project

Does your project enhance the experience of tourists to your area? Does your project attract more visitors to your area?

Best New Entry

Best Project by a community group who have not entered previously or best newly developed project.

Overall best Projects in Cork City and County

Pride of Cork City Award

Pride of County Cork Award