In the light of the current Covid 19 pandemic, we are not running The Cork School's Garden Competition in 2021

The 'Cork Schools Garden Project' aims to support pupils, teachers in Cork City and County to bring nature, wildlife, plants and colour into their school garden/grounds, to promote horticulture and biodiversity and to give students a chance to interact with the environment and nature in a positive way.

It has been shown that school gardens promote positive environmental attitudes and provide an excellent opportunity to develop more positive attitudes towards the environment, biodiversity and science at an early age.

The Cork School Garden Competition is open to all schools in Cork City and County.

  • The Annual Cork Schools Garden competition is open to all primary schools in Cork City and County who have a school garden or are in the process of developing one.

  • The pupils can be members of one class or representatives from a few classes. The adults may be teachers, school gardener or parents).

  • The entry must be approved by the school principal.

  • The school decides on the participants for the competition, this will consist of pupils and adults.

We are now accepting entries for 2021

To enter you must complete an entry form online here

Closing Date for entries Good Friday each year

Read Full terms and Conditions here